See The Speed Queen® Washability Difference

Get the best out of every load with the commercial-grade construction and high-performance features of Speed Queen® washing machines. Head to head against the competition, Speed Queen delivers more washability. That means clothes come out clean and undamaged, wash after wash. Our machines do this by filling the entire wash tub — and filling it up to eight inches higher than competitor machines. By completely submerging clothes in water, clothes get cleaner. Combined with a high vane agitator that rotates 210 degrees to move more water through the linens, these washers deliver the cleanest possible results.
Not only are Speed Queen washers tough enough to deliver a thorough clean, they’re also gentle on clothes. The flexible agitator as well as a smooth, stainless steel wash tub are easier on linens as they brush against them, protecting the fabric from wear and damage. And that means clothes end up looking better and lasting much longer.